Haim Casas

Haim Casas ( Córdoba 1981) is  the creator of  Alma – Exploring the Soul of Andalusia

Andalusia invites us to meet and dialogue in a plural society that wants to live in peace”

R. Haim casas


Haim Casas (Córdoba 1981) is the founder of Alma-Exploring the Soul of Andalusia.

After graduating in law from the University of Seville he devoted his life to the study and diffusion of the Spanish Jewish legacy, as well as to the enhancement of the dialogue among cultures and religions in Andalusia.

In 2017 he was ordained rabbi at Leo Baeck College in London and since then he has performed rabbinic functions in Switzerland, France and Spain. Rabbi Casas is the first rabbi born in Córdoba in the last five centuries. He is currently doing his doctoral studies at the Faculty of History of the University of Córdoba.

Rabbi Haim believes that a deep immersion into Andalusia’s history through cultural tourism and education will help us better understand the diverse cultural roots of the West. It will also facilitate encounter and dialogue in a plural society that wishes more than ever to live in peace.